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Mattress Makers

Poems in this collection engage and joy in technology yet ever cognizant of some of its drawbacks—loss of person-to-person contact and deep thought. As always, in this poet's poetry, there is an Upanishadic, yogic and quantum search for truth and the essence of reality—realities—with ancient Indian concepts of the multiplicity and multi-presence of time, space, and simultaneous existences intertwined and supported by "newer" and cutting-edge research of quantum physics. Poems, therefore, flip on themselves, move in a blink from place to place, from time to time, from existence to existence mirroring the non-linearity of the mind and of the quantum concepts of the world. Love and an exuberance in the world around—centered in the Florida land-(and sea)scape—permeates this work. In this collection, it is evident that the poet knows that as in all enduring poetry, the greatest language, the greatest poetry is seemingly the most simple, direct, and unpretentious and needs no artifice; the greatest poetry—embodied in the search for yogic unity—shines, sparkles and endures in its truth of what has been, is and will be.